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Animal Readings & Energy Healing  Packages

As an Animal Whisperer and Transformational Intuitive Coach, Speaker,  Author,  and Podcaster,  Julie's main focus is to help others realize their true gifts and understand what their animals are trying to communicate.  She is able to read for many types of animals that are here or have passed over the Rainbow Ridge.

Julie's Energy Healing Sessions allow her to use her strong empathetic and intuitive gifts that empower her clients into mind-body-spirit alignment.  Her specialty is seeing and removing negative energetic blocks and bringing in pure Angelic light, allowing you to reconnect to your heart.   

She is able to instill confidence and the realization that you CAN stand in your power and do your true souls work. 

Animal & Equine Readings

Animal Readings -

Dogs, Cats & Birds

Our animals do a lot to support the humans they love.  There are times when the animals are wanting to communicate something to the owner,  but the owners are unable to hear or understand the animal is trying to say.  I am the bridge that taps into the animal's frequency and speaks to them directly.  


They send me words and images and I am able to answer your questions and bring back their messages of love.  I was born with this ability and have been speaking to animals all my life.  


This type of reading can include many different kinds of information, both from your pet to you, as well as from you to your pet.

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Equine Animal Readings

Understanding horses is a bit different than working with dogs and cats.  Julie has owned horses for over 25 years and understands the needs of both equestrians and their best friends.


Reading for a horse can include information on moving to a new barn, introduction of new horses to the herd, communicating with a trainer,  and getting your horse ready to show.

I specialize in creating and strengthening the heart-to-heart bond with your horse which opens the door for a conversation so you both feel supported.

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Energy Healings Packages

Jumpstart  Your Heart Energy Healing Session

Are you struggling to find clarity around what your soul came here to do?  Do you have gifts and don't know how to use them or connect to them?  Have you lost the joy in your life?   

JumpStart Your Heart Energy Healing Session!  

This session was created to help you find out what your heart and soul came here to do.  Together we connect you to your heart and find the spark you need to begin healing now!

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Ignite  The Spark  To Your Heart

Energy Healing Sessions -

1 Month & More

Are you struggling to find clarity around what your soul came here to do?  Do you have gifts and don't know how to use them or connect to them? Have you lost the joy in your life?   

Ignite The Spark To Your Heart 1 Month Coaching Package!  

These sessions will reconnect and ignite the spark in your heart!  Together we will find your gifts and what your soul is here to do.  The goal of these sessions is to reclaim your joy, find your power and give you a clear path to use your gifts to bring you true happiness.

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