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The Groundbreaking Personal Custom Coaching Program
Designed For Leaders!

Is For You If...

  • You are ready to transform in all aspects of your life and lead others to embrace their power and gifts

  • You have a deep desire to learn and grow for the purpose of healing others

  • You want to explore and have an affinity for the universal secrets

  • You want to learn to lead with love, especially in times of distress

  • You want to make a difference in your community, your life and the world around you

  • You have struggled long enough trying to understand your gifts only to feel frustrated and at a loss as to why you cannot access what is your birthright.​

Welcome to the transformative school that is The Brave Academy!
Our programs are designed to teach the Leaders or any sentient beings that are looking to ascend how to move to their next level on the fastest path to success.
Our mission is to get you ready for the next phase of ascension so that you can move forward as Leader in the spiritual world and shine your light the brightest.
This curriculum is designed to unlock your gifts and provide you with the tools for everyday life as a sentient being.


The first module is a 4-week Foundations Module with transformational tools including: 
Opening the key to your heart,
Receiving & interpreting downloads to teach yourself and others,
Assisting you in reawakening & remembering where you & your ancestors are from,
Releasing the fear that has kept you prisoner!
Live Training and videos with homework
Self-Talk:  Switching from lack to abundance & fear to faith
Live Q & A calls answering your questions!
Guided Meditations & Healings
Videos with accompanying homework
Personalized Journal Affirmations
A Community of like-minded individuals!
This is a 4-week commitment.

Is NOT For You If...

  • If you have not had a spiritual foundation or have never meditated

  • If you don’t strive for a more virtuous practical life

  • If you don’t know or have not worked with guides, ancestors, totem animals, archangels or spirit (just to name a few) or any other beings in different realms

  • If you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone and do the assigned homework requiring introspection & reflection

  • If you are not ready to be uncomfortable & invest in your own personal growth

Easy 3-Step Application Process

1.  Fill out the Application, click the link:  https://bit.ly/3lXEUTM
2.  Send Application Payment, see PayPal link below
3.  Email completed Application to jsaillant5@outlook.com and we will set up a zoom to meet & discuss next steps.  
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Request  Your Intuitive Session
1:1 Meeting With Julie

Our Intuitive Session 

  • One hour 1:1 session with Julie offering healing, channeled messages from Spirit and your guides via zoom.  Session is recorded and sent to you via Wetransfer.

  • Prior to our time together,  you can send me 3 questions. I will meet with Spirit & your guides & we will go over the answers in our meeting.  Channeled messages will be typed up and sent to your email after our zoom meeting.

Cost:  $350

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"My life has been forever changed since meeting and knowing Julie Saillant.  From the moment I could feel her energy and the warmth of her heart and spirit.  She is truly gifted to do what she does.  Her sessions are intimate and power-filled.  I have received so much clarity and peace surrounding issues and struggles I am dealing with in my daily life – God has a way of working through her to bring you hope, peace, and healing.  This will be the best experience of your life and you will be so thankful that you did it.  I recommend her to anyone not only in rough times but just for spiritual encouragement, life direction, and guidance.  Make contact with her soon, you'll be glad you did!" 😊                                                                                                                                                                                          ---Portia