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Check Out The Breakthru BeWoke Playbook!

The Breakthru BeWoke Playbook is the antidote for the global health crisis.  We heard from so many of you, that you needed help to amp up the faith, instead of turning to the fear.  This monthly Playbook is a powerful tool to keep you focused on your strengths & surrendering all while leading with love.  

By finding your Joy and accessing what could be, you will push past your boundaries and find your purpose.  This Playbook was designed to keep you rooted in happiness & support your immune system keeping you healthy & well.  You will receive a printable pdf once your order is complete.


This Playbook contains:


  • Weekly Mantra's

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Scientific Research & Tools

  • Quotes & Journal Questions

Breakthru BeWoke Playbook

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