You get - One Personalized 60 Minute Life Retuning session with Ildiko (Value $110) & 

One Personalized 60 Minute Heart Connection Session with Julie (Value $129)

30 Minute Video & Powerful Heart Meditation 


The Heart Meditation will focus on connecting you to your heart, as well as allowing you to actively listen to what your heart is saying, offering you a synchronicity to knowing your soul's path.


We offer an expansive experience first with Ildiko, who will remove energetic blockages.  Ildiko is able to pinpoint where you are subconsciously holding yourself back due to traumas and remove those blockages, clearing your energy field and anchoring in positive frequencies for your mind & body.


In Julie's Heart Connection Session, she will connect you to your heart and bring in light to help heal wherever you may be off balance.  This session allows you to have clarity around your goals and help you see the pathway to your greatness.

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