6 Week Coaching Package - Raise Your Heart's Awareness To Unlock Your Brilliance! 

Together,  Ildiko SpinFisher & Julie Saillant have combined the latest science & ancient human intuition to help you make your biggest personal impact on the world, and follow your soul's path with confidence. 


THIS COURSE WILL BRING ABOUT POSITIVE CHANGES AS YOU WILL HAVE EXERCISES TO INTERACT WITH PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE. AS YOUR HOMEWORK.  In other words, it's not all fluff and just book work - you will be incorporating these tools allowing you access to a higher level of consciousness.

6 Week Raise Your Heart's Awareness To Unlock Your Brilliance

  • This 6-week automated course consists of 6 modules with Detailed Teachings, Personal Exercises, Guided Meditations, and Creative Journaling.  By the end of this course, you will learn how to walk in love vs fear, offer gratitude and forgiveness to yourself and others, and enter a more enlightened state of being.  

    ​Week #1:  1 Hour Group Kickoff Call With Ildiko & Julie

    Welcome to the program!  Overview of what the course is about, how it works, the modules you will be covering, and learning how to master them in your life.  

    Week #2:  Vibration #1 - Listening To Your Heart

    Overview:  How To Listen To Your Heart - you will complete Personal Exercises and a Heart Meditation offering Light Language with Julie which puts your body into a positive vibration on a cellular level.

    Week #3:  Shutting Down The Ego Mind

    Overview:  Discussion of the ego-mind and how it can wreak havoc on your life.

    Exercises on the importance of your Heart vs the Mind, Journal Entries on the thoughts you have, and the effects of those thoughts.  How to switch from negative to positive in a nanosecond.

    ​Week #4:  Vibration #2 - Growing With Gratitude

    Overview:  What is Gratitude and how it affects us both physically, mentally, and changes the manifestations you desire.  What is blocking you from manifesting abundance in your life and how to change it.  Journal Entries and Personal Exercises you will incorporate immediately into your daily life.

    ​Week #5:  Vibration #3 - Forgiveness

    Overview:  Discussion of Forgiveness, what we "think" it means, and how it "actually" works, how it affects you in your daily life.  Exercises along with Personal Action Items that will bring about positive changes immediately and begin lifting negativity from your life.

    Week #6:   Putting It All Together

    We incorporate the 3 most powerful vibrations, discuss the changes that you have made, and ways you can continue to go deeper with this material.  Gaining a better understanding of how your mind and heart can work together instead of fighting one another,  along with new positive changes in your consciousness are explored.

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