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  • Julie


I cannot believe we are actually at the end of the year, can you? Quick question for you:

If I said to you: “Let’s take a trip to France for two months and leave next week!” Could you do it? Would you be able to find time in your schedule to take two months off?

Most of you would say no for two reasons:

1 You don’t have enough time to take two months off for a vacation – especially if you are an entrepreneur. You might be thinking “Julie! There is no way I could take two months off! I would lose so much money and I could NEVER leave my clients alone for that long!”

2 You would love to take the time off, but you don’t have the money to do so. Two months is a long time after all, and you would need to have saved a certain amount for the flight, food, and accommodations.

Over the last few months, I have been talking about the concept of currency in our lives and how we relate to it with regard to what you hold valuable. The old paradigm of working 50 weeks per year and having a measly 2 weeks off for vacation is not working for most of us.

If you are an entrepreneur this may not apply as you could easily be working many more hours than 40 a week, but if you work in a corporate job this is still the norm. I found the concept of currency in an article by Tim Denning and it got me thinking about what I value in my life. Check out the article here: Happiness Is the New Rich. Inner Peace Is the New Success. | Tim Denning | NewsBreak Original

For me, the highest form of currency has always been personal freedom. The idea is that money is NOT the thing we value most, it’s what the money does FOR us! Money gives us freedom and experiences and that is usually what we value more than anything else.

For example, seven years ago my father set up a trip a family trip to visit Italy. He was having difficulty walking and knew this would be the best and last time he could make this type of a trip due to his physical ailments. It turned out to be an epic magical visit I will never forget simply because we were all together and saw some wonderful things.

Another amazing experience I had was swimming with the dolphins! It had been on my bucket list for years. I can’t remember how much it cost because the money was irrelevant with no comparison to the experience.