• Julie


I had a very interesting discussion with a colleague who had the same feelings I had, when it came to owning who you are and expressing your gifts to the world.

For many of us, we have been taught that we are:

· Not good enough

· Not smart enough

· Not pretty enough

· We don’t have enough

· Your gifts are not enough

· You are NOT ENOUGH!!

This can be especially harmful if you are a Healer, an Empath, an HSP or someone who is gifted at working with the interiors of human’s hearts and minds. The changes and shifts are not always immediate, and that adds fuel for those who disbelieve what you can actually achieve with others.

While growing up in a beautiful, loving family I always knew I was different. Yet, my gifts were not embraced easily and were called into question -which would make me doubt my own abilities.

The need to “fit it”, led me to do two things that have hurt me for years:


People pleasing is described as someone who cares a lot about what other people think of him or her and always wants to approved of his or her actions.

This definition sounds like it has ego written into it, when all I wanted to do was be accepted and praised for my internal gifts, that could easily match anyone else’s external gifts. The only difference was, you cannot see mine as they are housed on the inside of my heart and soul.

If you are living your life people pleasing others… PLEASE STOP!!!

This is YOUR time. You and your gifts are to be celebrated because no one can do what you do and no one else can be you, except you.

Your gifts can and will change the world. Make no mistake, you are here on this earth right now so that you can help others raise the vibration.

DISCLAIMER: For many of you who have been people pleasing your entire lives, this will show up as you putting yourself last – every time.

Your parents don’t like your hair? Ok, I’ll just change it back.

Your husband wants you to get a “real job” instead of working