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Updated: Aug 31, 2018

I got a call from someone who had a situation she wanted my help with. She had two friends who had the same problem, the only difference was one friend was young and the other was a woman of a certain age.

Here is the scenario:

Woman A is 60 years old and her horse was her everything. Her horse passed away at the ripe old age of 33 and she hasn’t been the same since. She is depressed, can’t get out of bed in the morning and thinks life is at a standstill or even worse there is nothing to look forward too.

She believes that any action that she “should” take will be wrong and talks herself out of taking any action at all, thinking that she is staying right where she is by being actionless.

Woman B is 25 years old and she is in between jobs. She is not where she wants to be professionally and feels she has made some bad decisions in the past that have led her to a place where she has lost her confidence.

She comes up with some great ideas on how to get back on track by changing up her resume and looking for a job she actually likes vs going after money, but an hour later she has talked herself out of making those changes. She fears she won’t ever be able to make the right decision so she stays put and changes nothing.

Or does it?

When you change nothing, nothing changes.

Here’s the deal. Even though these women are at opposite ends of the spectrum in age, they both have the same problem. The same problem that so many people have which can be summed up in one word: INACTION.

But don’t let the inaction fool you. There is a whole thought process behind the decision NOT to take action.

Let’s look at the process of why someone would think that inaction would be a better road than taking action towards their goals.


The Great Idea

When you are down on your luck either professionally or personally, many of us take it hard. You may over analyze why you are in the situation you’re in and figure out that you did things the wrong way.

You won’t be able to see any “silver lining” and the only thing you know, is that you need to make a change NOW. The faster the better.

You quickly analyze your actions from the past and find one thing that may have worked for you and gave you some success. Your mind stops and creates one “amazing” idea that will probably be the Hail Mary you need to get you back on track to success.

Since you know you are down, you are ready to put this “great idea” into action asap.

This leads too…

The OverThinking Syndrome

I don’t know if there really is an