• Julie



Truth bomb! – If you’re not happy with your life, if you are anxious or depressed you’re not listening to your heart, you’re listening to your brain and your ego.

We are all taught when we’re young to have goals and that achieving those goals will bring us something that our ego wants – the amazing feeling of accomplishment. The pride that you, yes YOU, did it! You went out and did something that others could not and accomplished your goal.

Some of these goals as well as their rewards, can come in the form of expensive items we get brainwashed into believing that once we purchase them, we are better than those who don’t have them. This information comes from a variety of different avenues including TV, magazines, social media and our peers. For women, it may be a $2,500 Louis Vuitton bag that is the “IT” bag, and we equate owning it with having more wealth.

For others, it can be a brand new BMW or other expensive cars that not just “anyone” can own due to the high cost of the car. A car now turns into a status symbol of excellence elevating you above others.

The more important questions are:

Do these things make you happy? And

What will it take out of you to obtain that status symbol? I.e. how many hours will you need to work and be away from your family to make this a reality?

Most people define success as having X amount of money in the bank, driving a nice car and having the things they want in their lives. There is, however, always a trade-off when purchasing those luxury items. You will be working more hours at your job. You may be travelling to visit clients which will take time away from your family. Everything that you desire has a trade off in terms of money, time and effort that needs to be put in to purchase that amazing “it” item you’ve always dreamt of.

Disclaimer: It’s ok to want nice things and please don’t beat yourself up for wanting to better yourself or drive a nice car. Everyone loves a new car and the prestige that comes with it. The problem becomes clear when you become a SLAVE to what you desire and are willing to put your family and morals second, and almost kill yourself to have that shiny new object.

The question then becomes: How can we be happy with what we have now? Below are 5 ways to be happy now.