Updated: Feb 17

“I feel alone, unloved, sad, unable to move forward and no one understands me. I keep my guards in place to protect myself from being vulnerable. I know it’s about higher-level spiritual shifts, but the truth is my heart is sensitive and this is why I have lived much of my life trying NOT to feel.”

This is how I felt a few years ago before I knew I was connected to God and had an amazing team of Archangels that I now roll with.

These were also stories I had told myself that turned into a personal oath of destruction and a form of self-sabotage. I believed that no one would understand me or my gifts and that one belief stopped me in my tracks from stepping into my power and showing all of who I was.

Being an Empath, Intuitive Healer and Animal Communicator meant that I feel everything that others feel. Sensitive people can feel others pain, sorrow, joy and happiness and it’s common for them to try and block out other people’s feelings to protect their own energy.