• Julie


In a recent discussion with my trainer, I asked her what’s the most challenging situation she faces from her clients and she immediately said “The expectation to be perfect in record time hurts more rider’s results than anything else by far!

I was not shocked, but it made me stop and really think about how we go about getting the most out of our riding experience.

She went on to say that “If riders could understand that milestones don’t happen in a minute and that we can’t slay all your dragons in one session, it would help get rid of the expectations and intense pressure that many equestrians place on themselves and their horses.”

In a world of fast food, even faster technology and the common theme that everyone wins a prize for “just being you”, it isn’t a surprise that we would transfer those same behaviors to the way we ride.


Let’s pretend you are going to the gym for the first time since last summer. You have set your goals and you tell your trainer you want to:

1. Lose weight

2. Have a completely flat, toned stomach

3. Gain 10 lbs. of muscle

I want to accomplish all of this in one training session!

Your trainer would look at you and laugh. Of course, that’s impossible! No one can get the results you are looking for in just one or even three sessions. Yet isn’t that what so many of us do with our horses?

Transferring that same scenario to the horse world, how do you approach your training?

Below are some sample goals:

· Lunge my horse perfectly

· Be able to ride in the indoor without him spooking