• Julie


The definition of permission is the act of consent or formal permission.

Yesterday, for the first time in 3 years, I rode my horse without boundaries.

A few years ago, I took a fall and broke 6 ribs. The pain was excruciating as well as the toll it took on my emotions. My ability to not only trust myself or my horse became something that took on a life of its own.

The definition of boundaries is something that indicates or fixes a limit or cap.

I had been on my horse prior to this, yet I hadn’t really been riding. I was living within the limits and boundaries that my mind had put on both myself and my horse to keep us “safe”.

That meant walking in endless circles instead of exploring the territory and keeping us at a “manageable” pace. I equated safety with not going fast.

This took all the joy out of riding and it felt rigid and boring.

Yesterday I changed that by saying “I give both of us permission to ride today without boundaries and to have fun.”

Right after I said it, I felt a rush of relief and then confidence.

Zeus felt it too and it turned into the best and longest ride we had in a long time.

When you give yourself permission, you give yourself freedom.


I worked at jobs for many years that were never a fit for me. They were good jobs that sounded great - on the outside. A decent wage, a solid company with benefits, yet my heart always said “You are not going to be happy here for long. This is not in alignment with who you truly are”.

I did what so many of you reading this are doing right now.

I shut my heart down and my gifts off.