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We are living in a time the likes of which we have never experienced before. Our world has seen wars, fires & disasters, yet we have never seen anything that has impacted the world on such a global scale as this virus.

This health scare has made every “non-essential” business temporarily close down.

No one can go to the movies, the book store or beauty salon.

Due to “self-isolation”, we have limited our contact from everything & everyone we know, including our families.

Yet one of the biggest challenges you may be going through, is looking at the reflection in the mirror, and facing yourself.

This process is paramount to your personal growth – you must face yourself, face your fears and assess how you are handling your life.

In other words, how are living?

Are you happy with the way things are? Or sad you have made poor decisions that are affecting your present?

Are you where you wanted to be? Or have you fallen short of your goals?

In this post I will offer you a simple tool that when harnessed correctly, will positively impact your mind, body & spirit.


If you have been on your spiritual walk for any length of time, you are familiar with analyzing yourself on a granular level.

You have probably become adept at addressing the gap of where you are, and where you want to be, and are committed to making changes that will help you grow.

However, if this process is new to you – you are probably scared.

You may be nervous, not understand what is happening and you could feel like this is an “Oh shit!” moment.


That means you are on the right road.

This virus is forcing everyone to stop what they are doing!

Stop texting.

Stop taking selfies!

Stop polluting the planet and not caring about the plastics you are throwing away.

Stop going to a job you hate every day, to have the latest $5,000 Chanel bag to keep up with people you don’t even know or like.

People in over 150 countries are being forced to look at their reflection and ask themselves if they like what they see.

Do you?


Normally, taking a look at your life under a microscope is a process that people put off, as it can be difficult under the best of circumstances.

With the current health care crisis as a backdrop, it is forcing everyone to take stock of who they really are, and understand if they are moving towards their goals, or away from them.

No matter what time you turn on the tv, you will hear and feel the fear, chaos and “end of the world” imagery telling you that all is lost.

Side note: If you are sensitive or empathic, you may want to limit the amount of time you spend listening to the news, to stay in a positive state.

All of this negativity being pushed in your direction makes it even harder to face yourself.

It’s much easier to run away, tell yourself you will “do it later” or just push it under the rug completely.

However, this is NOT something that is going away anytime soon. We must face ourselves in this moment and identify where we need to make some much needed positive changes.

We have entered a season that is sending us some of the heaviest energy we have ever seen, while asking us to embrace the light at the same time.


“Self-isolation” is forcing you and I to make a choice. There are only two options available:

1 To choose the light

2 To continue down the same road and go on as if nothing has happened


We are embarking on a journey of choosing to find the light in extreme darkness.

This is about understanding that you are a Divine Being of Light, and that you MUST ACTIVELY CHOOSE THE LIGHT, OR REMAIN IN THE DARKNESS!

Let me be clear: Darkness in this context can mean many things. If you remain in the darkness, it could signify you have decided not to change at all.

An example of this could mean you have decided to continue to work at the job you hate, even though you KNOW it’s not a fit and doesn’t allow you to use your gifts.

It might also mean that you decide to stay in a marriage that you KNOW is over, as you can’t face living your life by yourself.

Those choices are yours to make.

We all have free will, and you can choose to continue on making zero changes in any areas of your life.

Yup! You can just keep going!

The question the Universe is asking you is:

· Is that working for you?

· Are you happy?

· Can you do better?

· Are you living your life authentically and if not, do you have the power to make the changes and corrections to become happy?

If you choose the light, meaning you understand that there are things about yourself or your life that must change, that is the beginning of enlightenment.

Enlightenment means there is another level to move up to and a better way.

The path of enlightenment is not always easy, yet it’s worth it.

You are then able to expand and see your situation from a completely different perspective.

The goal is to find the center within yourself; to access the core of who you are and cultivate the positive changes it brings, no matter if the world is literally upside down.



The key to any transition is to know where you are going and what needs to change, along with what will make you happy.

The illusion we are facing is:

· You are alone

· You can’t change

· It’s too late

· This isn’t the right time

· What does it matter, we aren’t connected anyway!

All of the above are illusions!

· You are NEVER alone

· You CAN change

· It’s NEVER too late

· This IS the right time, and

· We are ALL connected!

Finding your center amidst chaos is a skill you can learn and repeat regularly. This key is critical to your being healthy, both physical and mentally.

When you are able to stay centered and positive, despite what is going on around you, your immune levels will stay high and your Cortisol will stay low.

Your goal should be to remain as healthy as you can, and if staying healthy requires you to learn to be calm, I strongly suggest you adopt a new way of being.

How can you choose this path?


The goal when meditating is to shut off the outside world and move inwards towards light, peace and happiness.

It’s easy to do when all is right in the world.

It’s more challenging with the current economic circumstances, yet it can and should be done.

If you have not brought meditation into your self-care regime, this is a perfect time to learn how to shut off the world and tune into your heart and intuition.

I have attached a meditation with some Light Language for you to listen to that will help you elevate your state and bring you peace.

No matter where you sit on the fence about meditation – if you think it’s woo-woo or if you are all for it – this is literally the perfect time to put it into practice, as it will help you calm down and see things from a different perspective.

Access the meditation by clicking here.

Meditation is just one tool that can bring you peace, light and a feeling of connectedness to Source. There is no wrong way to meditate and using music will elevate your experience.

This is the first tool of many that I use on a daily basis. Please let me know if you are currently meditating and if so, how has it helped you gain peace and serenity in your life?

If you have no idea how to meditate or have questions, send me a message, I would be happy to help you learn.

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