• Julie

4 Revelations of The Ascension Process

We have all been going through changes on many levels over the last few months due to the current world health climate. Everyone has been affected, no exceptions, and you may feel shaken to your core and asking yourself a lot of questions. That is a good thing as it means you are finally waking up.

I received this channeling last night and wanted to share it with you. The most important takeaway is that you are right where you need to be and it’s all happening TO and FOR you, not AGAINST you, even if it feels like a hard process.

These circumstances are not here to break you, they are here to literally save you.

They will save you from going down the wrong road, being with the wrong person, developing the wrong expectations and goals that are different from what your family may want you to be. This was necessary for you to understand that you must being you’re A game instead of cruising by with your C game and calling it a day.

Check out my channeling and the four revelations below.


All who are scared will be just like wild horses and run first, ask questions later. When you encounter one who asks you things no one else has, either from inside yourself or from a person on the outside – you may run away. Yet you are really running from yourself, for the answers you seek are within you and may not be to your liking.

This is all about your ascension and awakening.

These puzzle pieces were put in place so that you could

undergo a beautiful transformation.

Your first revelation: Stop Running from Who You Truly Are!

This is the very first step in your ascension process and it can be difficult to face. It requires you to stop running and face yourself. This will feel scary, no matter how enlightened you are spiritually, and it may take time before you realize you have nowhere to run.

It is a blending of the conscious and subconsciousness where the conscious mind finally sees, perhaps for the very first time, what the subconscious mind has been thinking about all along. If your conscious & subconscious mind are not on the same page, don’t despair, very few ever are – especially in the beginning.

Your Soul agreed to be here for this deep awakening all humans are going thru – and you wanted in on the excitement. What currently may feel like you are stuck, fearful, or wondering what decisions you made and if they were right – is all just part of the process.