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Learn The 3 Secret
Vibrational States
To Uplevel Your Life!  
Want to go deeper?  Check out 3 ways you can work with us below!
OFFER #1 - 6 Week Automated Coaching Package

Raise Your Heart's Awareness To Unlock Your Brilliance!

6 Week Coaching Package - Raise Your Heart's Awareness To Unlock Your Brilliance! 

Together,  Ildiko SpinFisher & Julie Saillant have combined the latest science & ancient human intuition to help you make your biggest personal impact on the world, and follow your soul's path with confidence. 


THIS COURSE WILL BRING ABOUT POSITIVE CHANGES AS YOU WILL HAVE EXERCISES TO INTERACT WITH PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE AS YOUR HOMEWORK.  In other words, it's not all fluff and just book work - you will be incorporating these tools allowing you access to a higher level of consciousness.

What You Get:

This 6-week automated course consists of 6 modules with Detailed Teachings, Personal Exercises, Guided Meditations, and Creative Journaling.  By the end of this course, you will learn how to walk in love vs fear, offer gratitude and forgiveness to yourself and others, and enter a more enlightened state of being.  

Week #1:  1 Hour Group Kickoff Call With Ildiko & Julie

Welcome to the program!  Overview of what the course is about, how it works, the modules you will be covering, and learning how to master them in your life.  

Week #2:  Vibration #1 - Listening To Your Heart

Overview:  How To Listen To Your Heart - you will complete Personal Exercises and a Heart Meditation offering Light Language with Julie which puts your body into a positive vibration on a cellular level.


Week #3:  Shutting Down The Ego Mind

Overview:  Discussion of the ego-mind and how it can wreak havoc on your life.

Exercises on the importance of your Heart vs the Mind, Journal Entries on the thoughts you have, and the effects of those thoughts.  How to switch from negative to positive in a nanosecond.

Week #4:  Vibration #2 - Growing With Gratitude

Overview:  What is Gratitude and how it affects us both physically, mentally, and changes the manifestations you desire.  What is blocking you from manifesting abundance in your life and how to change it.  Journal Entries and Personal Exercises you will incorporate immediately into your daily life.

Week #5:  Vibration #3 - Forgiveness

Overview:  Discussion of Forgiveness, what we "think" it means, and how it "actually" works, how it affects you in your daily life.  Exercises along with Personal Action Items that will bring about positive changes immediately and begin lifting negativity from your life.


Week #6:   Putting It All Together

We incorporate the 3 most powerful vibrations, discuss the changes that you have made, and ways you can continue to go deeper with this material.  Gaining a better understanding of how your mind and heart can work together instead of fighting one another,  along with new positive changes in your consciousness are explored.

One Payment
For 2 Payments

Want To Work With Us?  Check Out The

3-Month Start With Your Heart Coaching Package!

OFFER #2 - 3 Month Coaching Package

Start  With  Your Heart  Coaching  Package!

3 Month Start With Your Heart Coaching Package!

Together,  Ildiko SpinFisher & Julie Saillant have combined the latest science & ancient human intuition to help you make your biggest personal impact on the world, by accessing your gifts to live your highest Soul Purpose.

What You Get:


3-One hour Group Heart Connection Coaching Sessions:  

Each month we will hold a one-hour group coaching session.  In these sessions, we will answer your questions, keep you focused on where you are in the process and give you clarity & support around your next steps to reach your goals.  These sessions are done via Zoom and you will receive a recording after the session.

Monthly Module #1:  We establish the top 3 areas you need to work on to bring balance and light to your life.  You'll understand the clarity needed around your goals and what tools to use to move your life forward.

Personalized Happy Heart Life Wheel - This personalized Life Wheel will be created for you and is the MAP for what you need to work on and the next steps needed to reach your goals.

Heart Goals - This impactful PDF contains 6 exercises bringing you into alignment in Mind-Body-Soul. 

Monthly Module #2:  Growing in Gratitude.  This module helps you focus on growing your gratitude and looking at your life experiences in a positive way by changing the perspective on your experiences.  


Re-Minding Process with Ildiko - Releasing the power of the heart through the quieting of the mind.  Re-Minding is a restructuring of the parts of your consciousness to bring in foundational harmony and optimum flow in how you think and feel.  We will switch off the endless and exhausting mind chatter so that you can start hearing your Heart Voice, giving you an enhancement to the quality of your life and peace in your mind.

Monthly Module #3:  Forgiveness First.  In this important module, we explore how forgiveness of others and yourself is not a weakness, but a strength.  Together we will dissolve bonds that have been holding you back from reaching your goals, allowing you to move forward fluently and easily.

Meditations - You will also receive two very powerful meditations.  

The Crystal Heart Lotus Meditation - This meditation from Ildiko invokes powerful healing messages that can be used at any time to help you access your heart's positive energy.

Heart Meditation - This meditation from Julie connects you to your heart on a cellular level using Light Language and healing elements.  

To purchase the 3 Month Start With Your Heart Coaching Package, click the link below.


One Payment
For 3 Payments
Option #3 - 6 Month VIP Golden Vibrational Coaching Package

Turn Your Carbon Footprints  Into  Golden Footsteps!  

This program was created specifically for clients who want to make a massive change in their lives and leave a legacy.  This is for you if you are on a mission and want to be a changemaker both now and in the future, but don't know how to make this a reality.

Together,  we will co-create with you and clear the path so that you will be at maximum efficiency with what you want to achieve.

You will be designing a passion project that you create and want to birth in the world.  You will be receiving the knowledge and in-depth experiences of two Vibrational Masters who will help you bring your vision into reality.  

We will keep you accountable and hold space for you to make this transformational change.    You will receive assignments and access to large amounts of time with both Ildiko & Julie.  

Expect positive results from our work together and at the end of 6 months, your project will be realized along with clarity around your next steps.

Please contact us at to schedule a time to talk about your project, expectations, and how we can help you move forward.

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