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About Julie

Transformational Intuitive Coach & Animal Whisperer 


Julie Saillant is a Transformational Intuitive Coach & Animal Whisperer who helps her clients reconnect to their hearts and the hearts of their animals. 

Julie helps you get clear on your gifts by combining wisdom from the animals with healing source energy & her intuition to bring you in perfect alignment with your purpose.    

"Julie's ability to tune in and communicate with my critters was amazing. Not only did she understand their personalities, but she also listened to them for what they needed to say. She gave them all a voice. As I listened to her share with me what they said, I was astonished at how she was able to get right down into the nitty-gritty of each of their needs. I was given advice and tools to help my animals, and each of them has responded in kind. It was the best hour I spent on my animals, ever as I received priceless information that has made the quality of life much better for every soul in this household. I wouldn't hesitate to call again. Her intuition is sharp, she was able to also see for me, and give me some great insight on what I wasn't able to see. Priceless. Julie is a jewel, and your life will be better for having her in it. She specializes in horses, but her skills are for all souls."    Hilary
Energy Healings &
Animal Readings !

One of Julie's gifts is being able to see where you are blocked energetically.  She removes those blocks, giving her clients space to breathe and then brings in crystalline Source energy.  This opens their hearts and healing begins.


Julie was born with unique gifts that allow her to speak with many animals including dogs, cats, horses & more - either in person or long distance.  Animals can be here or have passed over the Rainbow Ridge, she can speak to them no matter where they are, and bring back messages of love and closure for those who have lost a best friend. 


Want to learn more about booking Julie for a weekend, public speaking, or attending one of her her exclusive retreats?

"Julie is an amazing healer!  She was able to blast through some old blockages that were holding me back from living my best life.  She is truly gifted, compassionate and very supportive."  Cam


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Julie hosts her own podcast on Podbean, Anchor, Spotify, and iTunes!  She interviews Coaches, Healers, Spiritual Advisors and those who have overcome adversity, giving you the keys to elevated consciousness!

She also is a co-host of the BEWOKE Podcast where we blend science & intuition!

She is a co-founder of the Spiritual Cafe - a Membership on elevated consciousness.  Click on the Spiritual Cafe tab for more info!  

Click on any of the icons above to listen to her episodes!

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